Financial Advisory

I joined the financial advisory industry as a tied insurance agent in 2008. 4 years later, I moved to the financial advisory space and have been there since.

I am now an independent financial advisor with the largest independent financial advisory firm in Singapore.

I offer independent financial advices & services, because this is the BEST available option for clients!

Clients received unbiased advice, making independent decisions without interference.

Independent Advice. Genuine Choices.

Tailored Strategies. Smart Solutions

I assist individuals & businesses, in moving towards their financial destination, be it Financial Security, Financial Freedom, or even Financial Abundance. When they reached their destination, they have the liberty to choose to retire from work, fulfil life dreams or leaving a legacy that lasts for generations to come.

My clients stay with me for the longest time, because of the trust foundation that we have built over the years. I applied customized Financial Portfolio Analysis to address the unique circumstances & concerns of each individual or business.

Even though I am:

Not a baker, I assist clients, seeking financial abundance, to ‘bake a cake that they can eat, yet still have it on their plates’, after the meal. The highest level of true sharing.

Not a Hi-tech gadget maker, I assist clients to adopt long-term vision, creating a ‘remote control’ that has a lifespan, which stay usable for multi-generations.

Not a sleep disorder specialist, I am able to assist businesses owners, to enjoy ‘regulated peaceful sleep’ without worries and fear.

Not a tailor, I can assist highly respected professionals, designed and tailored ‘fitting suits’ that make them look great in important events, which they cared most about.

So, to be effective in my work & offer the most valued services, I reinvent myself constantly with new skills sets & awareness, upgrade solution proposition & adopt Fintech application.

Because I believe strongly that for every one of Your Financial Concern, I must and can propose the most appropriate, relevant and meaningful Financial Solution, customized 100% for you!

This is my commitment to you!


On My Financial Advisory Work