AFFLUENT is a multi-players wealth management card game, where players accumulate wealth to finance their most desired dreams. They also invest in risk management tools to mitigate ever-changing market conditions and shield themselves from unforeseen disasters, which could caused severe damage to their accumulated wealth.

The players need to adopt & adapt strategies to navigate the treacherous Bull & Bear markets, growing wealth through financial assets diversification, while preserving the value of their wealth.

Each game play takes between 30-60 minutes to complete, depending on the dynamics of players’ interaction during play.

Players from as young as 10 years old to as elderly as 73 years old, have played, enjoyed and learned much from the game. Because learning the secret and strategies to be affluent and stay affluent, know no age boundary. Besides, ‘Affluent” allows players to have the companionship of the people around them, while enjoying the fun-filled edutaining experience,

Growing Assets. Preserving Value. Fulfilling Dreams.

AFFLUENT - The Wealth Management Game
Look-through with the Designer
The Wealth Management Game
AFFLUENT - Explainer video
Introduction to AFFLUENT game

Opportunities & Workshops with AFFLUENT!

I am seeking collaboration opportunities with educational academies & financial institutions, to discover how AFFLUENT can be incorporated into your existing financial literacy programs, for the benefit of learners and clients.

I am also open to the idea of designing a new program or using my current program to join or run a financial literacy workshop together, using AFFLUENT as the key education tool.

I have designed a 3 hour financial literacy workshop using AFFLUENT, as the main teaching tool. The workshop will especially benefit:

  • students from institution of higher learning, such as polytechnics, universities.
  • students from upper secondary and ITE, with certain adjustments to the playing rules & scenarios.
  • young working adults.
  • families who want their children (10 years & above) to have first-hand experience of how the financial world operates.
  • individuals who want to upgrade their financial knowledge, test their assumptions in a risk-free game environment.


What People Say

What's Next...

Affluent is looking into digitization of the physical card game into a mobile app, so that the game can multiplies its reach many times

and allow more people, all over the world, to enjoy the game and achieve its mission of spreading the message on the importance of financial literacy.

The app also allows for instant updates to reflect current

global situations, on-going local events, so that it offers even more realism and value to players.

At the moment, I am looking into possible collaboration with

interested parties on the app development. For more in-depth discussion, please link up at