Patrick was interviewed on local medias several times, including the most recent on Radio CNA938, where the focus of discussion was on the subject of 'Sudden Wealth Syndrome': what is it about, the financial & social impact on individuals and the strategies to deal with the syndrome effectively.

In other radio interviews on 938Live, Capital 958 (Mandarin station), Money FM 893, he discussed on several financial topics, including how financially secured retirement can be achieve through a holistic approach, emphasizing risk management, wealth accumulation & preservation, as well as the awareness of investment scams.

Listen to the radio interview on Money FM 893, with experienced host, Michelle Martin here.

Patrick’s interview on The Asian Entrepreneur was published on 11 September 2020.

In the interview, he shared on a wide range of topics: from his wealth management card game, Affluent, what excites him the most about the industry he is in and who are his greatest inspiration, to his favourite Asian destination for relaxation, and whether if he has time all over again, would he be engaging on the same path again.

Here is the link to access the full interview.

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