Training programs

Below are 2 trademarked training program that Patrick has developed.

You plan because you first love and care.

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M|A|P|P|ED® is an interactive, financial literacy training program that focuses on developing a holistic financial plan, with an outcome focus on financial security, financial independence and financial abundance. To achieve optimum result, this trademarked signature program can be and has been adapted to meet the different learning needs of participants.

The learning objectives of the M|A|P|P|ED® program:

  1. Appreciate the importance of OWNING a holistic financial plan, from Wealth Management, Accumulation, Preservation, Protection to Wealth Distribution, in a concise and effective manner
  2. Application of knowledge and skill set to achieve any of the 3 levels of financial well-being

The Retirement Quotient™️ offers the clearest explanation on the importance of planning and engineering any retirement plan in totality.

The 4 Quadrants in the Retirement Quotient™️ demonstrate how each of us, can have a rewarding and fulfilling retirement living. It starts from furnishing essential needs to extending our influences and contributions far beyond physical retirement.

Retirement Quotient™️ is a thought provoking and actionable oriented concept & program. It is not just any retirement planning tools. It is designed and constructed to help you master your Retirement Quotient™️, and gain maximum positive outcome, not just for yourself, but your loved ones as well.